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 06/03 - 13         

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 3-7-3 Johan
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 farmer in South
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 given name to
 the onion variety

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The family greetings relay race

The family committee, that edits this website, hopes that our readers will make it a meeting place for the members of the extended Oftebro family. When many of us are placing our personal messages in the Guestbook, we may all learn more about our large family’s doings, and in this way strengthen the family bonds.

As an element in such wanted activity we have started a “family greetings relay race”, where the game consists in challenging a named relative to place his/her message in the Guestbook. On doing so this relative in his/her turn will challenge a new, named person. In this way the relay race is meant to go on.

If our “relay race” shall get good dynamics we must make sure that each one of us who are challenged, picks up the relay baton and challenges a new relative within 14 days. Does a person not pick up the baton, the challenger will have to find a new person to challenge. Good dynamic of our game will also require that we all check the guestbook frequently and regularly. We intend to run several relay races parallel

Since we are a typical international family, it would be desirable that we all write our messages in English. Those of you who have English as your natural language will of course bear with us who struggle with the English language. You will also have to accept that some of us will feel need for writing our message in Norwegian. 

Your message should not exceed 12-14 lines. You will of course choose your own theme. It should be family related, such as family news, an incident from your daily life, a travel that you plan, a question that you like to ask, an improvement for the website that you propose, etc. etc. etc.

Good luck.

Click here for guestbook.