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 06/03 - 13         

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 3-7-3 Johan
 Christian Hojem
 who was a
 farmer in South
 Africa, has
 given name to
 the onion variety

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09/12 - 12

Oftebro.com is now on YouTube.

04/24 - 12

Added new 'Family Branch' section to top menu, and moved 'Pictures' and 'Culture' here as well.

/28 - 09

The Family Culture section is now published in its entirety.

07/22 - 08

The picture section is updated with pictures from the reunion in South Africa, 2007.

11/11 - 07

The entries in the guestbook are now displayed with the most recent entry first.

10/22 - 07

A "did you know" section has been added. Here you can read little interesting facts about selected members of the extended Oftebro family. 

09/30 - 06

A gallery of historical pictures has been added to the site. The pictures cover most of the branches of our family. We will try to post "recent" family pictures if people are willing to send them to us. Rules regarding this will be up in the gallery section shortly.

08/06 - 06

Yet another section added to the navigation menu. We have not been able to track down all immigrants to the USA. If you know the whereabouts of some of the persons listed here or their descendants, please contact us. Links page is also updated

05/07 - 06

New section added to the navigation menu. From here you can access all the branches of the tree which make up the Oftebro family tree.

10/09 - 05

Due to several people asking for the email addresses from the old guestbook, we have
put it out
here for you. The links section is also updated.

05/08 - 05

New site published. We hope you'll have a look around, and write a little something in the guestbook :)