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Who we are, and where we are going.

The Oftebro family, with over 1200 members living today, is scattered over most of the world. The bonds that long tied the great, extended family together, were lost. A group of enthusiasts within the family started to collect family information to be able to re-establish this contact. This group, which counted 20 persons, called for help from another 30 resource persons scattered on the different branches of the family tree in Norway and abroad. These resource persons conveyed our message to the tiniest branch of the family tree, and helped us collect family information for the good cause. The group arranged a great family reunion in Lyngdal, Norway, August 2004, and issued a family book later the same year.

These efforts have made the ember from the old family solidarity and enthusiasm into a new fire. The family book is being studied in the many Oftebro homes. Bonds that had been broken were tied again in Lyngdal, and many new friendships were made.

After meritorious efforts throughout years, our organisation has shipped the oars. But the family enthusiasm ought to be kept alive. It needs nourishment from a continuous flow of new family information and from maintaining personal contact. Like a phoenix from the ashes a new family committee has ascended from the foundations of the former organisation. So far we talk about a group of 7 persons. This committee is open for anyone who has the interest and the time to participate.

The members of the family committee are:

(3-2-1-3-1-1) Tom Pedersen tom.pedersen [AT]
3-2-1-3-1-1 Astrid Edland astrid.edland [AT]
3-6-2-4-3 Inge Chr. Oftebro inge.oftebro [AT]
3-6-2-4-4 Lorentz Hallstein Vaagland lorentzv [AT]
(3-6-2-4) Grethe Oftebro grethe.oftebro [AT]
3-6-2-4 Torstein Oftebro torstein.oftebro [AT]
Hilde Oftebro oftebro [AT]


  Torstein, Grethe, Lorentz, Hilde, Tom, Astrid and Inge



We will continue to search for Oftebros that we so far have not been able to trace down, in order to complete our family register.

We will try to collect information on changes in the family tree, including information on all new members of the family.

We will reconstruct our Oftebro website, and make it an arena for exchanging family information and for contact between family members, and we will continuously remind all relatives about the tremendous amount of information that is available to everyone who buys the Oftebro family book.