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”Lost” Oftebro family members

Can you help us find them?

In our work with the Oftebro family register we have not succeeded in coming in contact with all descendants of family members who immigrated into USA (from Lyngdal, Norway).

A. Descendants of Anna and Henrik (Henry) Bjørnestad (Bjornstad)

Henrik (Henry) was son of Anne Serine (Oftebro) (born 1851) and Andreas Kristiansen Bjørnestad (1838-1911) who lived at the farm Bjørnestad in Lyngdal.

Henry (born 1877) and Anna had six children.

  1. Harold Bjornstad (1901-1982) was married to Mabel (1906-2004). This married couple    had a daughter: Ann. She had two children: Steven and Jeannie.

  2. Katrine (Bjornstad) Olsen (married to Arthur Olsen) This married couple had a daughter.

  3. Serine (Bjornstad) Matson (married to Louis Matson)

  4. Ruth Bjornstad (1906-1994)

  5. Marshal Bjornstad (1907-1969)

  6. Woodrow Bjornstad (1912-1992)

These six children seem to have lived in Mid-West (Ruth in Minnesota, Marshal in Illinois).

B. Descendants of Anne Malene (Bjørnestad) and Selmer Thomsen

Anne Malene was daughter of  Anne Serine (Oftebro) (born 1851) and Andreas Kristiansen Bjørnestad (1838-1911) who lived at the farm Bjørnestad in Lyngdal.

Anne Malene (born 1884) and Selmer had a son: Stanley Thomson. He had two daughters: Debora Thomson and Donna Thomson.

Stanley and his family seem to live (have lived?) in Orange, California.

C. Descendants of Martha and Tobias Foss

Tobias was son of  Karen Sofie (Oftebro) (1846-1931) and Nils Tobias Larsen Foss (1848-1928), who lived at the farm Ytre Foss (later at Øvre Berge) in Lyngdal.

Martha and Tobias (1880-1950) had three children:

  1. Franklin Foss

  2. Mirjam Foss. She had five children.

  3. Norman Foss. He had a son: Clifton Foss, and Clifton has a daughter.

When Tobias immigrated into USA, he first lived in Nebraska. Later he got a Masters degree from Harvard University. He was a professor in psychology and social philosophy in Evanstone, Illinois, worked later in Racine, Wisconsin, and from 1913 he was a pastor in the Concord Methodist church in Massachusetts. In addition, he was an architect as well as an investor in Concord.

Martha and Tobias divorced. As far as we know, Martha and the children lived in New York.

D. Descendants of Anne Marie Rom, and of Oline Andrea Rom

Anne Marie (born 1859) and Oline Andrea (born 1873) may have had the surname Olsen.

They were the children of Anne Tobine (Hagen) (1835-1890) and Ole Mathias Olsen Tjersland (1822-1877), who lived at the farm Vestre Rom in Lyngdal.

We very much want to come in contact with descendants of these Oftebro immigrants into USA!

If you have any information about any descendant of these immigrants, will you please contact us.