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 3-7-3 Johan
 Christian Hojem
 who was a
 farmer in South
 Africa, has
 given name to
 the onion variety

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  Did you know...

3-7-3 Johan Christian Hojem who was a farmer in South Africa, has given name to the onion variety “Hojem”? Johan Christian Hojem was, by the way, also known for his growing of cauliflower, and he was as a harmless joke called ”The Cauliflower King”

The onion’s Fact Sheet
Click here for picture of Hojem

(3-6-5-2) Magne Risdal is awarded the culture prize of Froland county (Norway) for the year 2008? Risdal, who reached the age of 85 in 2009, has a great production within forestry history, alone and together with co writers, and he is currently the co writer of the culture history of Mykland county.

Magne Risdal, who grew up at Risdal, Mykland, graduated from the forestry faculty at The Norwegian agricultural college in 1952. He has been district forester in the Mandal region, and forestry consultant in Aust-Agder. From 1956 until 1991 he worked with Nidarå Lumber Cooperative, Arendal, most of the time as general manager. 
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3-4-1-2-1 Robert Frank (Bob) Hollinbeck, Minneapolis, USA, is a passionate big game hunter, who even brings down elk with bow and arrow?
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When 10-4-1-2-1 Oddmund Garry Oftebro in 2006 organized a hunting safari in South Africa for Bob, the big African deer “kudu” was included in the prey.
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Picture of Bob and Garry next to the fallen kudu

(1-1-11-2-2) Dale Grace Oftebro, Santa Barbara, California, who had lost her hearing as a small girl, has regained her hearing through a so-called cochlea implant.

here and here to read her story. 

3-6-6-5 Ingebjørg Oftebro has been emissary for The Norwegian Missionary Society?
She was initiated missionary, and left for Kamerun in January 1965, after having studied language in Paris. She was teacher and principal at the Norwegian school in Ngaundere for 3 four-years periods. She returned to Norway last time in 1979.

The school, which had 20-30 pupils in primary school and junior high school together, had been approved by Norwegian authorities. When visiting Norway over the years Ingebjørg attended several courses held by the school director in Oslo, for teachers working in Norwegian schools abroad. 

The school in Ngaundere had 2 or 3 teachers depending upon the number of pupils. The pupils came from the different mission stations on the field, and from Kirkens Nødhjelps project in Nigeria.

In addition to the usual disciplines the pupils also studied French, as French is the official language in Kamerun. The teachers were responsible for helping those pupils who lived in the dormitory with their homework. This assistance took place at school. A home sister cared for the pupils in the dormitory. Ingebjørg felt it her most important task to see to it that the pupils
were happy and comfortable. It was also very important to prepare them for their future schooling in Norway. 

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Jens Frigstad has written a biography on 3-3-9 Nora Foss
? Nora was a strong woman with a great social engagement. This engagement brought her to a position as manager of a children’s home in Kristiansand, work within the temperance organization Blå Kors, leader of the local women’s association in Sødal at Kristiansand, activist for raising a local chapel, and leader of a club for young girls same place.

Even more remarkable is however that Nora as a pensioner followed up her strong interest for the welfare of the state of Israel by undertaking the position as manager of Svenskbo, a home for pilgrims at Mount of Olives, and as an activist for raising a seamen’s church in Ashdod, south of Tel Aviv. 

The small biography, 20 pages, has been supplied with interesting pictures and with letters from Nora’s pen. 

The biography, which can be ordered from Jens Frigstad, Sødal Terasse 20, 4630 Kristiansand, (Telephone +47 38094630) costs NOK 100,-. The seamen’s church in Ashdod will benefit from eventual profit from the sale.

Biography text in Norwegian only. 

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3-8-3-1-4 Jonas Hoff Oftebro is acting the role of “Kjell” in the movie: “Olsenbanden jr. - det sorte gullet” (The Olsen gang junior and the black gold) ? 
See newspaper article, Monday May 5th 2008

1-1-11-2-2 Ron Oftebro has been re-elected president of the Santa Barbara Ivar Aasen Lodge of the Sons of Norway? 
The mission of the Sons of Norway is to promote and preserve the heritage and culture of Norway. The Sons of Norway promotes Norwegian traditions and fraternal fellowship through cultural and social opportunities offered in local and district lodge activities. At the district level these activities include language camps and classes, scholarships, handicrafts, cooking and heritage classes, heritage programs, sports programs, travel opportunities, Viking Magazine, and outreach programs sponsored by the Sons of Norway Foundation.
Ron Oftebro is owner of RKO & Associates, a financial controller outsource service. He is a past financial director for the Santa Barbara County Chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. He earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a master's degree in business administration from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Ron Oftebro lives with his wife, Dale, in Goleta and has three grown children. 

Click here for a picture of Ron

1-4-2-1-2 Maurice (Moe) George Oftebro has the reputation of having been a famous, professional hockey player? 

Life With a Goal in Mind
Moe was born in Preeceville, Saskatchewan (Canada) in 1939. He is the son of George and Gladys Oftebro. Moe played ice hockey with a passion. He played during his school years in Preeceville and played on a couple of US- based WHL teams for several years after attending 

Flin Flon Bombers (Canada) - Junior Hockey - (1959 -1960)
Denver University Pioneers (USA) Hockey / University- (1961-1962)
Saskatoon Quakers (Canada) – Senior Hockey- (1963)
Los Angeles Blades (USA) – Western Pro Hockey - (1964)
Minnesota Rangers (USA) – Central Pro Hockey- (1964)

Overseas Hockey Activity
After playing with the Saskatoon Quakers in 1963, Moe was on a month hockey tour of Europe as the team had won the Canada title in hockey. The trip was a special part of the overall winter hockey season in Saskatoon.Moe played in Stockholm, Sweden, ten games throughout the country of Czechoslovakia and also played in Geneva, Switzerland against a Czech team.

Moe later worked for General Motors and Crown Paper in Sales and Client management until his retirement. He and Margie East enjoy retirement in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada). Maurice has two children, Tim and Leane.

Picture 1 | Picture 2

Our good cousins 1-4-2-5-1 Valerie and Perry Oftebro in Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada, made a very spectacular and enviable travel during their vacation in 2007. From their home in Quesnel they went by car all the way to Inuvik in Northwest Territories. From here a light aircraft took them to Tuktoyaktuk at the Beaufort Sea.
Here they spent their time with the Inuit family Pokiak, and got some impression about Inuit tradition and way of living. And if you have made it all the way to the Beaufort Sea, you do like Valerie and Perry: Dip your feet in the fridge cold water of the Arctic Ocean. Then you have accomplished that also! As you can see from the picture, Valerie and Perry dressed up in the Inuit winter attire for the photo session.

When the former Russian president, Boris Yeltsin, and his wife Naima paid an official visit to USA in 1994, their travel route also included Seattle, State of Washington.
The particular programme arranged for Mrs Yeltsin included visiting Highland Elementary School, which also has Russian language and Russian culture on its timetable.

1-4-1-4-2 James Bruce (Jim) Oftebro, who was the schools principal at the time, acted as Naima Yeltsin’s host during her school visit. See picture here.

1-6-3-3 Russel Bjørnestad participated in one of the first groups of soldiers during the landing in Normandie in the Second World War. In his unit of police forces the losses were 50%.
Russel was born in Chicago, lost his father when he was two years old, lived the greater part of his childhood in Mandal, Norway, returned to USA when he was 17, came to Norway once more in 1959, when he was 48, then married to Ruth. They lived at Ås farm, Harkmark, Mandal. Russel lived his last years at the home for elderly people in Holum, Mandal.

3-2-1-6 Lars Foss Imenes was the last inspector of customs in Homborsund, Aust-Agder, Norway. His son, Fred Roald, tells that when ships arrived, with goods to declare, Lars came on board his motor boat from Kistevika, where he lived, regardless of weather and wind. Lars was inspector of customs from 1928 to 1959.

3-5-7-2-2 Stein Opsal has been appointed second in command, and director of finance and accounts in "Oslo VM 2011 AS", the organisation responsible for arranging the FIS World Ski Championship, Nordic Disciplins 2011 (in the new Holmenkollen jumping hill and in Nordmarka, Oslo).