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Reidar Oftebro

3-6-2-1 Reidar Oftebro died 27 December 2007. Reidar was 81 years old. 
Reidar was a member of the Oftebro Family Committee. One of the great passions in his life was the history of the worldwide Oftebro family.
From 2001/2002 Reidar was one of the key resources planning the Family Reunion in Lyngdal in August 2004, and writing the corresponding family book “Oftebro familien”.
Reidar felt a great interest in his work with the Oftebro family history, and he used every opportunity searching for new members of the family in all parts of the world. He never gave up, not until every possibility was explored. He managed after a huge work to find a lot of new family members, then receiving the vital personal information of each one of them, and saving the documentation in our Family Register containing over 2000 names. 

Despite his age Reidar with great enthusiasm searched the new world at the Internet, which normally is quite frightening for elderly people. On the contrary Reidar found this new technology being a great help in finding new information of our family in a faster and more convenient way. The last years of his life Reidar therefore searched several international databases hunting for new family members. Also his correspondence with relatives in many countries gave a lot of new knowledge for the Family Register.

Reidar’s personality, and his enormous effort in searching for new information of our family, will be strongly missed in the Oftebro Family Committee. The committee has decided to continue its work in the spirit of Reidar. His search for new family members was nearly completed. Most of the branches in the family tree are thoroughly explored by Reidar, and as a result it is very few parts of the family tree still containing unknown information.
The Oftebro Family Committee will remember Reidar’s comprehensive effort in favor of our common family history, and we will very strongly miss his calm and very special positive personality. 

On behalf of the Oftebro Family Committee
Stein Opsal

Obituary by John Oftebro, read at Reidar's funeral

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