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Recognition of the Oftebro family by the Mayor of uMlalazi

(uMlalazi is the municipality where the town Eshowe in South Africa is located.)

During the Oftebro family reunion in Durban/Eshowe 30th of June -1st of July 2007, the Oftebro family received a plaque signed the Mayor of uMlalazi. As can be seen from the plaque the Mayor treasures the Oftebro family’s engagement for the Eshowe society. It is of course first of all our remote relatives, the pioneer missionaries Ommund C. Oftebro, Christian T. Oftebro and Berte Marie Oftebro’s contribution to the Eshowe society that deserves the grand recognition. Even so, the fact that Oftebro relatives of today through several years repeatedly have visited and made contact with the modern Eshowe society by its political and cultural institutions, and have tied bonds of friendship with those who represent Ommund Oftebro’s congregation today, has clearly been noticed. The same goes of course also for the fact that the participants of the Oftebro family reunion in Lyngdal 2004, through the Lyngdal church, gave a considerable economical contribution to the KwaMondi congregation in Eshowe. It of course also goes for the fact that Garry Oftebro, by his planning of the Oftebro reunion 2007, together with the KwaMondi congregation and with Zululand Historical Museum, so excellently arranged for a mutual recognition and respect between the Oftebro Family and the Municipality of uMlalazi and its cultural and religious institutions.

Click here to see the plaque