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 06/03 - 13         

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 3-7-3 Johan
 Christian Hojem
 who was a
 farmer in South
 Africa, has
 given name to
 the onion variety

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Family reunion in South Africa, summer 2007

Gallery 1


Gallery 2

Group photo (full size)
Group photo (with person description)
Gallery 3
Historical pictures

1-1 Villum II Oftebro

1-2 Kristen Tobias Oftebro

1-4 Gabriel Oftebro

1-6 Anne Serine Bjørnestad


3 Tobias (l) Oftebro

3-1 Christian Oftebro

3-2 Gunhild Regine Rom

3-3 Karen Sofie Foss

3-4 Anna Tonette Johnson


3-5 Anna Elisabeth Opsal

3-6 Tobias (II) Oftebro

3-7 Berte Marie Hojem

3-8 Ole Mathias Oftebro

3-9 Katrine Tobine Reime


  9 Kristian Severin Oftebro 10 Ommund Oftebro

10-1 Christian Gunhildus Oftebro

10-4 Martin Oftebro