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 06/03 - 13         

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 3-7-3 Johan
 Christian Hojem
 who was a
 farmer in South
 Africa, has
 given name to
 the onion variety

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The new family book, «The Oftebro Family, Vol 2»
The book is a continuation of the family book «Oftebro familien» from 2004. The new book covers 3 «new» family branches, it has some 1100 new names, 140 new biographies, several separate articles on significant people and happenings, in addition to lots of new pictures, many of them in color.

The book is almost 500 pages long, and costs NOK 300,- (plus postage)

Read an excerpt from the book

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The former family book «Oftebro-familien»
The former family book, «Oftebro familien», which holds a number of articles which are not carried over to the new book, will still be available. Price: NOK 100,- (plus postage)

To order, please contact us at

«Oftebro Songbook»
Prior for the Oftebro Family Reunion 2018 we also published an «Oftebro Songbook»
containing songs and poems written by members of the Oftebro family as well as songs and poems of special value to family members.

The book has spiral binding and costs: NOK 50,- (plus postage)

To order, please contact us at